Joan Brenda Hunt born (1959), raised and based in Amsterdam, and has a Dutch-Indonesian colonial background. Her creative parents who had a passion for art, taught her essential skills like drawing, painting, sewing, and basic wood working form a young age. She loved experimenting with materials and was sent to an art education for children under 12. Starting out insecure and reluctant about showing other people, her self confidence and endeavors grew. 

Joan Brenda shows her diversity in the translation of what she sees in everyday life. Her inspiration often comes from a social theme she wants to advocate, using art to capture one’s attention and keep it just a little longer. Artivism as you like. But sometimes it is just personal amazement she likes to share with you.

Joan Brenda works intuitively. She chooses the art form and media with what she wants to express. As a result her work is very diverse.

Throughout her life she was seen as someone with rather ‘crazy’ ideas. But now it helps other people with issues they can't seem to get solved, shaking up all brain and data, making space for new ideas.

October 2023 it finally came to a first solo exhibition. By then she had already been working in art for years, next to a day job that she eventually left as art work became more substantial.

At the moment she's working on new opportunities.

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